1. Alcohol is strictly forbidden in Uppsala City Hostel
  2. Uppsala City Hostel is a smoke free area
  3. For the sake of all of our guests, noise should be kept to a minimum after 22.00 so that those who wish to sleep are able to do so.
  4. No show will be debited for the following night
  5. Pets are not allowed.
  6. It is not allowed to have visits in the Hostel.
  7. The hostel takes no responsibility for guest belongings such as cash in and outside the room, neither lost, robbed or in case of burglary.
  8. No party or event.

If you do not follow those rules the staff will charge you at least 2000sek and send you home without refund for your reservation.


Guests are responsible for any damages incurred by themselves or their guests.

Damaging any of the hostel’s property means you will be beholden to pay for the damages.

Guests are responsible for their private belongings.

Cancellations rules

Cancellations made later than 48 hours prior to the day of arrival will be debited for the following night. This includes no show.

we do not cancel a started booking.

Cancellation Policy for Group booking or long-term bookings.

* Cancelation rules for Group booking or / and long appointment comes right from a room.

* At least three weeks before the date of arrival, the client shall provide definite information on number of people and how many rooms to lock the order.

* If you cancel less than tree weeks before the date of arrival, the client shall pay 60% of the canceled portion.

* If you cancel less than a week before the date of arrival, the client shall pay 80% of the canceled portion, and 100% of those first three nights.


Our goal is to keep a high cleanliness standard and we want to make sure our guests sleep in fresh new bedlinen. These can be rented for 50 SEK from the hostel and 20 SEK for towels. You are also welcome to bring your own clean bedlinen.

Is not allowed to bring your own set of Sleeping bags, pillow & blanket because of hygienic reasons.

If you are bringning your own bedlinen, please show them in the reception when you check in.

Guests who do not use bedlinen will be charged 285 SEK / bed for the washing cost.


Payment is done at arrival.

We accept all major debit and credit cards (such as Visa and Mastercard) except for American Express and Diner’s. We also accept payment in cash (SEK only) and payment in advance.